We are open and delivering heating oil - our Bucketts Hill fuel station is open too.
However, in order to protect customers and staff members, our counter at Cardrew Way is currently closed to the public.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Oil

What is the smallest amount of oil I can order?
Our minimum oil delivery is 250 litres although most customers order between 500 & 1000 litres.

Is it cheaper to order a larger quantity?
Yes. The pence per litre (unit price) will be cheaper the more you order.

Will you top-up my tank if I order online?
Sorry, we can only accept orders online for specific quantities. If you need the tank topped up, please let our sales staff know when processing your credit card details.

Do I need to be home when you make my delivery?
No - so long as there is unrestricted access to your tank.

How do I know how much fuel has been delivered into my tank?
Our driver will leave a delivery ticket which shows the metered amount into your tank.

Do you deliver through properties?
No. Our Insurance does not cover this type of delivery.

What is the VAT charged on Domestic Heating Oil?
The VAT rate is 5% for all domestic heating oil customers.

How do I pay for my delivery?
By credit or debit card. We will call you for the details once you have placed your order and prior to making the delivery.

Can I pay for my fuel in monthly instalments?
We have a home heating oil planned payment facility for monthly payments.

Can I have my tank topped-up automatically?
Yes, we have a top-up scheme. For more details, click here.

Once I have placed my order, can I change or cancel it?
Yes. So long as you notify us by telephone on 01209 215164 before the fuel is loaded onto a truck.

Do you only supply home heating oil?
No. We also supply Gas Oil and Derv - call 01209 215164 for a quotation.

If I have run out of fuel, can I get a priority delivery?
Yes. Just select our next day service if this is available in your delivery area.

Do you service oil boilers and cookers?
Yes. We service a large range of oil appliances both domestic and commercial. Just call 01209 215164 to book an appointment with our engineers.

Do you supply and fit plastic oil tanks?
Yes. We supply and install a full range of Harlequin Oil tanks.

Are your heating and tank engineers qualified?
Yes. They are all OFTEC Qualified.

If I cannot take the amount of oil that I ordered, will I be refunded?
Yes. Your credit / debit card will be refunded with any monies owed.

Do you charge credit card fees?
No. We do not charge fees for paying by credit or debit card.

Do you only deliver in Cornwall?
Yes. We have a full list of places in Cornwall to which we deliver oil, here

Do you have small vehicles for difficult access?
Yes. We have a number of smaller vehicles for delivering home heating oil with tight or difficult access. If in doubt please call to discuss on 01209 215164.

What are your office hours?
We work from 8.00am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

Do you accept cheques?
No. Sorry, we do not accept cheques.

Is home heating oil cheaper in the summer?
No, not necessarily as the price is governed by crude oil prices. If crude oil prices are higher in the summer then home heating oil prices will be higher.

How often do oil prices change?
Oil prices are changing all the time (whilst the oil markets are trading). We change our prices daily to take account of the market changes.

If none of the above help answer your question, feel free to get in touch.

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